Contactless Recruitment Innovation – Video Interview Solution

Video Interview Recruitment

VIDEO INTERVIEW TOOL Goals for Video Interviewing As a “digital by default” business, the company began with the goal of being 100% distributed. This meant incorporating a comprehensive video interview solution that works anywhere in the world. Aiming for a best-in-class experience, the Bolt Talent Solutions team looked for a secure, easy to use solution, … Read more

The Benefits of Video Interview in Recruitment Technology

Video Interview Recruitment

RECRUITMENT, VIDEO INTERVIEW TOOL Digital transformation in the recruitment and hiring process has pushed the need for more online and video interview use in order to best understand our future hires. Our applicant tracking system goes beyond simply viewing a CV. Candidates are people, not just a CV to screen! The benefits of using a … Read more


Digital Marketing Job South Africa Google

DIGITAL MARKETING JOB Digital Marketing Jobs in South Africa, with focus on Google Ads, PPC, SEO and Google Analytics is on the rise! AND WE HAVE OPEN OPPORTUNITIES RIGHT NOW! The world of digital transformation is happening at such an exponential speed, and evolving WITH the world of online and digital marketing is an apparent … Read more

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