The Benefits of Video Interview in Recruitment Technology

The Benefits of Video Interview in Recruitment Technology

Video Interview Recruitment

Digital transformation in the recruitment and hiring process has pushed the need for more online and video interview use in order to best understand our future hires. Our applicant tracking system goes beyond simply viewing a CV. Candidates are people, not just a CV to screen! The benefits of using a Video Interview Tool are apparent.

Bolt Talent Solutions implemented the Video Interview Tool in March 2020, prior to the pandemic. The need to better the technology and system integration became even more apparent with the rise and spread of the pandemic. We have incorporated our Video Interview Tool into our applicant tracking system and furthered the use of automation and artificial intelligence.

What are the benefits of using a Video Interview Tool Recruitment and How does Recruitment Technology Benefit the Employer as well as the potential employee?

The Benefits of Video Interview in Recruitment Technology:

1. Minimise phone screening calls with the use of a pre-recorded video

  • Specifically tailored questions as per the client needs
  • View people, not resumes

2. Streamline those higher volume positions where you have a lot of applications

  • Review candidates in your own time, from any device at any time
  • Easily recognise and process suitable candidates

3. Reduce the time-to-hire

  • Cut out unnecessary initial interviews, skip straight to the first interview or technical interview
  • Cut out the admin – we automate that for you!

4. Save on unnecessary travel costs

  • Better candidate and employer experience

5. Transform Digitally!

  • Enhance, innovate and evolve with recruitment technology in order to best speed up your recruitment process and cycle!

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