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Mauritius is renowned for being a popular tourist destination and has become a preferred expat location for professionals across the World in recent years. It offers an incredible safe lifestyle with casual island living and a pleasant climate all year round. With real GDP growth of about 3.8%, the Mauritian economy continues to grow at a high rate relative to the rest of the world.

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Whether you are a Mauritian currently living abroad or expat looking to relocate to Mauritius, we are best placed to connect you with the right opportunities. Let us help you make Mauritius Home.

Diaspora Scheme

We strongly believe that our dispersed Mauritian community who have gained international qualifications and work experience are a precious asset to our Mauritian economy.

Mauritian Diaspora is defined as a citizen of Mauritius who has been living and working outside Mauritius before 24th March 2015 and has the necessary skills, talent and experience to potentially qualify for significant tax & duty exemption, spousal work permits and other benefits. We work closely with the Economic Development Board who process all Diaspora applications.

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Bolt Home Mauritius offers a Concierge Service dedicated to making your relocation journey to Mauritius a seamless endeavour.
Relocating to a new country or moving back home can be a very daunting yet exciting time. Our local concierge service will connect you with experts on the ground dedicated to streamlining your move to Mauritius.


Eligibility Application Submission & Advisory Services


Turkey Expat Advisory Service


Student, Work, Occupation, Investor & Retirement Permit Application Support


Home Rental, Property Purchase, Corporate Lease & Co-Working Solutions


Personal & Company Taxes, Corporate Governance, Payroll, Insurance, Bank Accounts & Financial Emigration


Personal & Corporate Legal Advisory Services


Talent Management, Employee Relations & Strategic HR Consultancy Support


Corporate Identity, Website Design, Social Media & Mobile App Development


Investment Schemes, Buy & Sell Companies

Bolt Home App

Start your journey home by downloading the Bolt Home Mauritius mobile app, your digital gateway to all the information you could possibly need to make your move to Mauritius as seamless as possible.


Bolt Talent Solutions invests in a suite of digital tools designed to connect highly skilled professional Mauritians wanting to return home and international expats looking to relocate to Mauritius. We work across multiple industries including IT, Finance, Marketing, Logistics and HR. If you’re serious about making Mauritius your new home, book a private consultation with the Bolt Home Concierge Service and we’ll tailor a relocation package to suit your needs.

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