Contactless Recruitment Innovation – Video Interview Solution

Contactless Recruitment Innovation – Video Interview Solution

Video Interview Recruitment

Goals for Video Interviewing

As a “digital by default” business, the company began with the goal of being 100% distributed. This meant incorporating a comprehensive video interview solution that works anywhere in the world. Aiming for a best-in-class experience, the Bolt Talent Solutions team looked for a secure, easy to use solution, integrated with their ATS with support available 24/7.

Bolt Talent Solutions is an innovative recruitment firm, sourcing and placing leading talent. Their investment in the latest recruiting tech makes them extremely agile and allows them to deliver quality talent that fits their clients needs. With clients ranging from IT, FinTech, Banking, Financial, Medial, Marketing, Advertising, FCMG, and Shared Services industries, their talent fills personnel gaps across 4 continents. Their belief is that talent is at the heart of what drives business success. Bolt Talent Solutions thrives in an ever-changing work paradigm filled with disrupters, innovation, and change.

Q&A with Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vanessa Flynn:

Q: What inspired you to look into video interviewing? Were there specific challenges in your day to day were you looking to solve with video interviewing?
A: We are a digital by default recruitment business. We intentionally designed our business in 2018 to have a 100% distributed workforce. Our value proposition was that our team could live and work anywhere in the world to support our clients across the globe. This could only be achieved by investing in best in class technology and hiring the right team. Mastering that goal while distributed meant investing in video interviewing.
Q: What criteria did you have in mind for a video interviewing solution?
A: We wanted a platform that integrated with our ATS, handled our data securely, was easy to use, and had around the clock customer service for our team, clients, and candidates. Finding the right video interviewing platform we could work with was also very important.
Q: What made you choose your platform as your video interviewing solution?
A: The platform is known for its ease of use, professional branding, the personable experience, as well as their existing clients.
Q: How has the Video Interview Solution improved your hiring metrics and process?
A: It has streamlined our screening process. It allowed for contactless innovation during Covid. Lockdowns didn’t stop our client hiring managers & HR teams from progressing their hiring process because we lead by example, adopting virtual hiring processes. Using the Video Interview Solution increased our conversion ratio, time to hire decreased, and had a positive impact on our ability to attract new clients in the tech industry.
Q: What was your team’s hiring process prior to using the Video Interview Solution?
A: We used traditional phone and video screens. A lot of time was wasted scheduling candidate availability with delays and non value-added repetitive tasks. It took a lot of time for our team to write up profile summaries for each candidate in order to submit resumes to clients.
Q: How do you get your team members to buy into video interviewing?
A: They loved it as we showed how this would improve our brand image, make it easier to showcase our candidates effectively to our clients. We were able to illustrate how video interviews would free up their time to do value add tasks like candidate engagement and sourcing as a result of automating our first round screening.
Q: What was your aha moment — the moment you knew you loved the Video Interview Solution?
A: I was worried about how candidates would react to our request for them to record video responses. The candidate feedback we received from our Video Interview Solution satisfaction surveys made me realise that we made the right decision. Our candidates expressed that the tool was easy to use, they loved the experience and felt it gave them the edge versus only submitting a resume. They also shared that they could complete their automated interviews after working hours and did not have to take time off work which one would usually have to do in traditional face to face interviews.

Our candidate experience is very important to us. At the heart of what we do is connecting people with the right opportunities. Our team takes great pride in coaching our candidates in achieving their career goals. Part of this is coaching is making them feel comfortable in utilising our candidate portal and video interview process. The Video Interview Solution has helped us accelerate our digital first vision which in turn positively impacts our clients candidate interview experience.

Q: Why should other hiring teams look into video interviewing?
A: Presenting candidates to clients utilising video allows candidates to really showcase their strengths and why they should be considered for a position. Hiring managers get a much better sense of the whole person and not just a CV. Each candidate gets an equal opportunity to present their experience and skills as they get the same time, questions, and can use any smart device to answer the screening questions. Utilising our video interview solution helps our clients position their brand and candidate experience as innovative. They demonstrate their abilities to adopt technology and reinvent their processes to keep up with digital transformation underway during these unprecedented times.

Client & Candidate Experience is CRUCIAL!

One of the major highlights in the 2021 recruitment trends revolves around candidate and client experience. Our Video Interview Solution and method thereof has received amazing feedback and candidate experience rating. Over 150 of our candidates completed our survey and the results exceeded our expectations!

Video Interview Solutions


Candidates LOVE our video interview tool!

We are thrilled to receive positive feedback from our candidates and clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re thinking of implementing this for your HR team / Agency.

Why is our Video Interview Tool & Applicant Tracking System A CUT ABOVE THE REST?

  • More efficient hiring process
  • Quicker Time to Hire
  • Improved collaboration on the hiring team
  • Expanded Applicant Pool
  • Curated with the integration of global best-in-class tools
  • Customizable
  • Enhanced Candidate & Client Experience
  • Shareable Link
  • Custom Branding
  • Tailored Client Specific Questions – Video Recorded OR Text
  • Email Automation
  • Makes Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics & Reporting

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