Top 5 Blogs on Career Advice for Job Seekers

As job seekers, and with rejection in the job searching process, we often lose sight of how to adjust the application process. More often than not, there are simple tips and tricks provided through blogs specifically targeted at job seekers themselves! This is why we would like to provide a Job Seekers Guide to finding the BEST BLOGS which provide information and career advice! 

Remember that when reading, subscribing to a mail list or applying to job boards that this opens up opportunities for you to be alerted to new opportunities that are relevant to your skills and experience. 

Guardian Careers 

This blog and article page provides REAL LIFE stories and experiences from the perspective of the job seeker themselves. Relatable and informative – we love learning from personal experiences and the lived experiences of others. 

Career Savvy 

Career Savvy provides information, advice and articles from a modern perspective. It considers all levels of experience, from starting a job to the tips on ensuring a “Golden Retirement”.

This informative blog has an array of topics, an extremely broad selection of articles for any of your needs!

The Undercover Recruiter 

This blog provides valuable information seen from the recruiter’s perspective, a great way of sharing answers to the job seeker through the triangulation of information gathered from clients, hiring managers, job seekers and the process. The Undercover Recruiter has a modern twist in addressing job seekers in a technical and digital world! 

The Muse 

The Muse is a fantastic platform sharing career advice for job seekers, especially for those who are interested in reading an array of aspects concerning the market, looking at global trends and market related trends in employment. The information is extremely practical and relative, and looks at news and trends affecting your job search! 


Comprehensive resource for professionals dedicated to transforming and improving organizations, workforces, and industries. Specifically focused on HR and recruitment professionals, delivering resources, training, and content for workplace leaders. “Specifically focused on HR and recruitment professionals, delivering resources, training, and content for workplace leaders”.

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