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Career Advice

Tips for a Professional Resignation

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT You have just landed a new job. You are thrilled and beaming, it is everything you’ve ever wanted! You know this is

Career Advice

10 Tips For A Great Video Interview

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT Online Video Job interview Tips: Here is your guide to the do’s and don’ts to prepare you for the new way of

Career Advice

LinkedIn Profile Do’s & Don’ts

Building a powerful professional brand, no matter who you are or what you do, can be really difficult. Writing about yourself is not easy and selling yourself in order to get that DREAM job you’ve been after can be grueling. Because LinkedIn is one of the winning platforms and tools in business networking, we need to craft our profile in such a way that it could be seen as your very own “professional brochure” – your digital identity.

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