Ways to Stay Motivated Whilst Working From Home

Ways to Stay Motivated Whilst Working From Home

Being productive whilst working from home, which is very new to some, can be challenging. Working in an office environment allows for regime and organized schedules, having a physically present boss might add to being stricter on yourself and taking accountability for your tasks. Coworkers add to social interaction  – perhaps making it easier to bounce ideas off of one another. 

So how are we meant to get any work done when all of these aspects are absent when working from home? How do we adjust and ensure that we adapt to the very different world of home-based working? 

Here are a few simple steps to adjust and stay motivated: 

Wake up early & have routine

  • Tap your own watch instead of relying on your boss to tap theirs 

Dress for work

  • Lounging around in your slippers and pyjamas will not motivate you to conquer the day. Treat it as a normal work day, because it is. 

Create a work environment & space at home

  • You need a good office space to get into the right head-space and be as productive as possible. 

Organize your day & manage your workload

  • Create a schedule 
  • Set goals by planning and mapping your work into manageable chunks
  • Set aside designated time for administrative tasks and emails 
  • Create self-recommended deadlines 

Give yourself breaks & remember to reward yourself if you have earned it

  • Motivation can come from gratification so reward yourself for the accomplishments you achieve throughout the day 
  • Remember to take breaks because they are super important to boost productivity. Don’t burn yourself out by the time the afternoon starts. Take your lunch break and rejuvenate! 
  • Exercise – being sedentary in front of your computer all day definitely takes its toll on your health, your mind and your ability to be productive. 
  • Spend some time outside, get the fresh air and oxygen that you need. 

Check in with your colleagues

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