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The recruitment industry is always evolving, but now more than ever we’re seeing the power of digital transformation. Today we’re announcing that Bolt Talent Solutions are innovating in this field by offering our clients a best in class automated video interview platform.

Digital transformation is key to empowering people in their career journeys as well as supporting organizations to hire the right talent for their business. There is no better time to embrace virtual interviewing than now!

Candidates these days expect an almost instant response to their application, a smooth interview process and rapid time to hire. When it comes to acquiring top talent, the race is on, and companies need to use every tool at their fingertips to shorten the recruiting process, hire faster and provide a great candidate experience.

We all know that traditional interviewing methods waste a lot of time and resources between scheduling conflicts, no shows and unsuitable candidates. Contacting every stakeholder involved in interviews, juggling schedules, and often rescheduling repeatedly is frustrating for everyone. For the candidate, it can signify that a company simply isn’t organized; not a great first impression. For recruiters, time wasted on scheduling means time taken away from more meaningful tasks like building relationships with candidates, building talent communities and improving employer brand and talent attraction strategies.

Bolt Talent Solutions offers one way and on demand live video interviewing software which will help you find the right talent faster than ever before. Our interviewing software makes collaboration between recruiters and an entire hiring team easier and more convenient than traditional telephone or face to face interviewing.

Let’s show you how easy it is to get you up and running on our platform.

The Process:

  • Our recruiters have a business intake meeting with hiring managers to best understand critical skills and experience required.
  • We create a job to provide candidates with context about your company and job requirements.
  • While we can certainly come up with questions for candidates to answer, we also welcome and encourage your input! Tell us what you’d like to see candidates answer and we’ll include that as part of their video interview.
  • We share a link which directs candidates to complete their video interview.
  • Candidates receive a personalised invitation to complete the video interview using Bolt’s tool which can be used from anywhere, at any time and on any smart device.
  • Candidates get to test the technology and record their answers in their own time.
  • Candidates are more than just a piece of paper and everyone has a story to tell.
  • You’ll receive a notification when interviews are ready to view and you’ll get to see them answering your interview questions which will provide insight on their personality and how they present themselves.
  • You’re able to easily view, rate, comment and share shortlisted interviews with key decision makers at any time from anywhere. We help you reduce your recruitment cycle time!
  • This tool allows you to identify qualified talent earlier in the hiring process ensuring that your hiring managers are only spending time on interviewing best fit candidates.

Interviewing online helps businesses improve their quality of hire by improving recruiter efficiency, which enables recruiters to identify qualified candidates quicker and have more time to devote to getting to know candidates in order to ensure the best culture & role fit, building talent pipelines and sourcing passive candidates.

The choice is easy in a market with a surplus of talent. Our tool expedites the recruiting process and improves the quality of hires.

Our platform at Bolt Talent is very easy to use so you can get immediate results. We assure you that utilising this tool will significantly reduce non value add activity associated with scheduling, screening and interviewing unsuitable candidates whilst improving your quality of hire and candidate experience.

Vanessa Flynn

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