The Sino-Mauritian Community in Mauritius

Sino-Mauritian Community in Mauritius Chinese New Year 2021

MAURITIUS With Chinese New Year Celebrations around the corner, we’re all interested in finding out more about the Sino-Mauritian Community in Mauritius. Mauritius is known as a cultural melting-pot. Above all it is a beautiful and colourful cultural kaleidoscope. That is why Mauritians pride themselves on living in complete harmony with many different people from … Read more

Retirement in Mauritius & why it is so appealing!

Retire in Mauritius Move to Mauritius Relocate to Mauritius

MAURITIUS Retirement in Mauritius For many years, Retirement in Mauritius has been appealing to many. Not only does it offer the relaxing lifestyle you seek, the beautiful beaches and translucent waters you desire and views of mountainous ranges as far as the eye can see – it also offers an array of advantages to best … Read more

Premium Visa Mauritius – Bolt Home Mauritius

Premium Visa Mauritius Live in Mauritius Relocate to Mauritius

MAURITIUS The Premium Visa Mauritius. “Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” – Ralph Blum Over the past 10 months, many of us have learnt to adapt to very new ways of working, studying and even new ways of living. The experiences and lessons learned … Read more

Quarantine and Health Protocols Mauritius

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MAURITIUS Quarantine in Mauritius. Are you relocating to Mauritius? Please note the following information regarding quarantine in Mauritius: 14 days of quarantine is compulsory upon arrival in Mauritius The establishment to which you complete your quarantine needs to be an APPROVED establishment Bookings need to be done through the MTPA – Online Reservation Platform (…) … Read more

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