Employment in Mauritius – The Effect of Covid-19 on the Island


MAURITIUS What effect has Covid-19 had on the island of Mauritius, and how has this impacted the skills and employment in Mauritius? Vanessa Flynn shares some interesting information and statistics around the matter. Human Capital is a major point of discussion, with the idea of matching suitable skills to suitable opportunities. LE DEFI NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION … Read more

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme – Bolt Home Mauritius

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MAURITIUS The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme is incentive rich and aims to attract Mauritian Diaspora back to Mauritius. The aim of the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme is to allow Mauritian Migrants to contribute and aid in the development of the economy of Mauritius. The Mauritian government strongly believes that the globally dispersed Mauritian Diaspora Community is of utmost importance … Read more

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