Create a Job Alert with Bolt Talent Solutions

Create a Job Alert with Bolt Talent Solutions

Create a job alert

Create a job alert & find a suitable job!

You want to find the best suited role for you and that is why it is vital that you create a job alert!

As job seekers, we are often extremely overwhelmed by all of the positions that are online and across job boards.

Digital platforms, employers, hiring managers and recruiters post multiple positions across different platforms at any time.
These opportunity might not come across your specific feed.
Job alerts are useful for a number of reasons:
  • They can be helpful for almost any job search. You can find new opportunities without putting in much effort.
  • Perhaps most importantly, they allow you to easily check for job openings in your field without having to search the internet daily for new listings on different platforms.
  • Job Alerts are particularly helpful if you are passively looking for a job.   That means that you are currently employed and would just like to be aware of opportunities available to you.
  • Creating a job alert allows for job seekers to tailor an alert specific to their skills, qualifications and experience. In conclusion this will increase your chances of finding a position that aligns with your career goals.

You are now able to create a JOB ALERT with Bolt Talent Solutions?

We value our candidates and pride ourselves on being candidate-centric in everything we do!

Creating a job alert with us is simple!

Create a job board

It is so important to create job alerts specific to your skills, experience, industry and location in order to find a role to which you will be most satisfied. Create the alert now.  The use of our AI Technology will automatically and immediately notify you as soon as a suitable role is posted to our Job Board.
Watch this video and follow the link below to create your own tailored Job Alert.
Video to create a job alert

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