Why Data Engineering and Data Science Opportunities are on the rise!

Data Scientist

CAREER ADVICE Over the last year, and specifically over the last 3 months, we have experienced a substantial increase in the need for talent in the Data Science and Data Engineering industry! The need for Data Scientists and Data Engineers is soaring throughout industries at a global scale, and the need to further build on … Read more

Preparing for an Interview

Video Interview Tool Recruitment Remote and Virtual Hiring

CAREER ADVICE You have finally secured an interview, perhaps after months of trying to find a suitable role or perhaps after multiple rejections in your job search. Preparing for an interview can be really stressful if you haven’t been for an interview in quite some time. It can also be stressful if you have been … Read more

Top 5 Blogs on Career Advice for Job Seekers

Career Advice for Job Seekers

DIGITAL MARKETING JOB As job seekers, and with rejection in the job searching process, we often lose sight of how to adjust the application process. More often than not, there are simple tips and tricks provided through blogs specifically targeted at job seekers themselves! This is why we would like to provide a Job Seekers … Read more

How to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

CAREER ADVICE Increasing employee engagement & motivation is extremely important for success in the workplace. Many leaders struggle to keep employees positive & engaged at work. Did you know that: 88% of employees don’t have passion for their work 36% of employees would give up $5,000 per year to be happier at work 79% of … Read more

2021 Recruitment Trends

Recruitment Trends 2021

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT 2021 Recruitment Trends The Recruitment Trends of 2021 have been demonstrated through the changes in the recruitment & hiring process of 2020. The year of 2020 has had a great impact on the HR space, and has thus challenged the recruitment & hiring process. Remote working has increased the need for the … Read more

Why is it so important to create a job alert?

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CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT We as job seekers, are often extremely overwhelmed by all of the positions that are online and across job boards. Because of digital platforms, employers, hiring managers and recruiters are able to post multiple positions across multiple platforms at any time!This could lead to opportunities available to us getting lost in the … Read more

Characteristics of a Remarkable Recruiter

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CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT How do you know that you have the best possible recruiter? As Job Seekers, we are often contacted by multiple recruitment agencies and recruiters. This may be overwhelming, and the wrong recruiter can often be off-putting. Here are a list of certain qualities that you need to look out for in order … Read more

Tips for a Professional Resignation

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CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT You have just landed a new job. You are thrilled and beaming, it is everything you’ve ever wanted! You know this is the best move for you, for development and for growth. Then you start thinking… How do I resign from my current job? What do I tell my manager? How can … Read more

Video interview solution

Blog Images 2

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT Bolt Talent Solutions Innovating The recruitment industry is always evolving, but now more than ever we’re seeing the power of digital transformation. Today we’re announcing that Bolt Talent Solutions are innovating in this field by offering our clients a best in class automated video interview platform. Digital transformation is key to empowering … Read more

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