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Video Interview Tool Recruitment Remote and Virtual Hiring
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Preparing for an Interview

CAREER ADVICE You have finally secured an interview, perhaps after months of trying to find a suitable role or perhaps after multiple rejections in your

Employee Engagement
Career Advice

How to Increase Employee Engagement

CAREER ADVICE Increasing employee engagement & motivation is extremely important for success in the workplace. Many leaders struggle to keep employees positive & engaged at

Recruitment Trends 2021
Career Advice

2021 Recruitment Trends

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT 2021 Recruitment Trends The Recruitment Trends of 2021 have been demonstrated through the changes in the recruitment & hiring process of 2020.

Career Advice

Tips for a Professional Resignation

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT You have just landed a new job. You are thrilled and beaming, it is everything you’ve ever wanted! You know this is

Career Advice

10 Tips For A Great Video Interview

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT Online Video Job interview Tips: Here is your guide to the do’s and don’ts to prepare you for the new way of

Career Advice

Video interview solution

CAREER ADVICE, RECRUITMENT Bolt Talent Solutions Innovating The recruitment industry is always evolving, but now more than ever we’re seeing the power of digital transformation.

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